Height Adjustable Desk.


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High quality height adjustable desk.


-Maximum height: 121 cms
-Minimum Height: 73 Cms
-Envelope depth 50 Cms
-Length of Envelope 120/140 cms


-Electric Height Adjustable Lift System: The motor lift mechanism offers smoother height adjustments, at a speed of 1 inch / second with low noise (less than 50 dB) while running.
-Designed to work from home: The perfect standing desk to allow freelancers and remote workers to stay active, healthy and productive while working from home. Adjust your desk to your height and insert a healthy movement into your day. An industrial grade steel frame combined with a sturdy desk
-LED memory control panel

Reduce back pain
Back pain is something that 80% of adults will experience in their lifetime, and one of the biggest complaints from office workers who sit around all day. To determine if standing desks could improve this, several studies have been done in employees with long-term back pain. Participants have reported an improvement of up to 32% in lower back pain after several weeks of using standing desks. Additionally, use of a sitting and standing desk was found to reduce upper back and neck pain by 54% after just 4 weeks.
Sitting for long periods of time strains your muscles and can hurt your lower back, especially if you have poor posture. Standing desks seem to help relieve back pain.

Better posture.
Using a raised desk can improve posture and benefit our spine. Back and shoulder pain often caused by spending long hours sitting at the computer can be greatly reduced. And although at first there may be a slight pain in the feet, our body will gradually adapt to this new position.

Better use of space.
The most popular model of chair that is used to work in front of a desk is one that has wheels and can rotate on its axis, a design that usually requires a good amount of space to function properly. Working at a raised desk maximizes the space we have. For large companies this represents the possibility of placing 25% more employees in the same space through the use of standing desks.

Productivity increase.
Standing work gets the blood in our body moving, allowing our mind to be more alert. At the same time, we are aware at all times of the movement of our limbs so it is less likely that sleep will reach us.

Burn calories.
A 2013 study showed that using a raised desk causes the heart to beat an average of ten beats per minute faster than when used while sitting in a chair. This is equivalent to burning about fifty calories per hour. Considering that a person can spend an average of five hours on their feet per day, five days a week, this would be equivalent to burning an extra 1,250 calories per week.

1. Does not apply Guarantee of damage due to electrical discharges, since the weather conditions irremediably affect the electrical supply systems, generating blackouts or disconnections, which increase their frequency of appearance in the rainy seasons. So the need for home or office equipment to provide power during nasty blackouts is imminent.

2. Recommendation: The use of voltage regulators to protect your UP Desk against voltage spikes or drops. Which could permanently damage the investment.

The importance of having a voltage regulator Voltage changes are a silent danger that affects all electronic devices that we have and many times we do not understand why our products begin to fail. Problems caused by voltage spikes can be avoided with a voltage regulator. Voltage regulators are used so that electronic equipment that is receiving a variable current of energy can have high or low voltage peaks which affect the correct performance of electrical equipment. The voltage regulator adjusts the electricity input and stabilizes it by generating a constant and regular current input to the products. Protect your investment Voltage regulators can be used in the same way for industry as for domestic use. The consequences of not anticipating these possible voltage spikes can lead to financial costs due to the total or partial loss of electronic devices or important data and information. They are not just for computer protection Voltage regulators do not they only serve to protect computers. Any type of electronic equipment can be protected from voltage peaks with a regulator that is adapted to the power and needs that the device needs. From an assembler in the automotive industry to a screen or refrigerator in a home can be protected in the same way with the correct voltage regulator.


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